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Sustainability at Citylight Hotel GmbH

Citylight Hotel GmbH has been established as a renowned hotel in the group and family sector in the Berlin hotel landscape for 21 years. Our philosophy has always been to run a company that is equally attractive to guests and employees. We also attach great importance to close networking with the city's tourism associations in order to help shape the development of the company and Berlin as a destination. In this respect, we are aware of our responsibility to exert a positive influence on society, the environment and the economy through our entrepreneurial activities. 

We want to be a role model for sustainable corporate management and help drive our industry forward in the area of sustainability by conserving resources and introducing sustainable practices.

Our sustainability strategy:

Citylight Hotel GmbH is committed to supporting the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and fulfilling the criteria for Sustainable Tourism Berlin through the way in which the company is managed. Firstly in the narrower sense within the company for guests and employees and secondly for the social environment in which the company operates. In particular, the following goals should be mentioned here:

Waste reduction

One hundred percent use of green electricity

Promoting team building and employee skills

Supporting the social fabric of society

Savings on cleaning agents, paper and reduction of the Co2 footprint

Furthermore, we are committed to complying with the following points:

To comply with all legal requirements and industry-specific regulations. In particular with regard to occupational health and safety, health protection, hygiene regulations and the handling of hazardous substances. In addition, we have defined rules and values within the company that employees and management are committed to upholding.

When procuring the goods and services necessary for the company, we strive to preferably include sustainable products and services in our portfolio. To this end, we use our defined Code of Conduct to evaluate suppliers and supply chains.

To increase the recycling rate, we give preference to sustainable products when purchasing assets up to a value of 800.00 euros (GWG). In the area of services, we also carefully examine sustainable products as an alternative and, where possible, give them preference.

We observe the 7 core dimensions of diversity, are committed to the General Equal Treatment Act and oppose all forms of discrimination.

We are committed to complying with human rights due diligence.

We are committed to equal pay regardless of gender and are committed to promoting education and equal opportunities for employees.

We are constantly working to minimize the impact of our company on the local community and cultural heritage.

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and strive to improve our environmental footprint by increasing our recycling rate, reducing our energy consumption and adopting sustainable office practices.

Our corporate vision:

The claim for our guests is: "Your home away from home". We not only want to be a home away from home for our guests, but also a second home for our employees.

By this we mean:


Promoting our employees to the extent that they feel as connected to our hotel as if it were their own company or home. We support this with a warm welcome for new employees, team-building measures and support programs regardless of origin, gender or education, and sound, high-quality training for apprentices.


Involving employees and their ideas in the development of our product. In particular for the development and expansion of the topic of sustainability within the company and the implementation of the Sustainable Tourism Berlin criteria.

Regular guests

Our regular guests feel a connection to our hotel similar to that of a family member, so that new guests feel it a matter of course to stay in our hotel again when they visit Berlin again after their first visit.


We keep our procedures as uncomplicated and personal as possible to create the feeling of a family visit.


Our communication with our guests is respectful and characterized by familiarity, so that we take personal feedback from conversations very seriously and implement it.

Our people responsible for implementing the measures:

Due to the size of the company, the management is centrally responsible for all areas of the company and is legitimized by the management contract. This applies in particular to the areas of innovation management, human resources management, risk management and compliance and adherence to human rights due diligence obligations.

However, close cooperation between management and employees, who have been appointed as representatives in certain areas of responsibility, is also common practice at Citylight Hotel GmbH.

Their tasks include checking and monitoring the applicable laws, official requirements and internal regulations. They act as confidants/contact persons for all employees and are the link between management and employees.

They are responsible for the further development of the sustainability criteria of Sustainable Tourism Berlin and for maintaining the sustainability certificate.
Appointments are made with the express consent of the employees and are limited to two years.

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